Buffalo Soldier Memorial Dedicated November 11, 2009
Old Memorial
New Memorial
Ground Breaking Ceremony June 2009
Beth Jones Primary Researcher for Concordia Heritage Assocition - Specialty Buffalo Soldiers
Motown Mack -Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club
"Main Man" on the Project
The big day
And the work Begins
The night before the Dedication
Beth Jones & Rene Mack
Texas Parks & Wild LIfe -
Buffalo Soldier Program
Ken Pollard, Luis Padilla
Sgt Maj Gene C McKinnery &
                                Brig Gen John MacFarland
Motown Mack &
Chairman Texas Historical Commission
Jon Hansen
Concordia Heritage Association Memorial Committee
West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department, they coordinated and contributed to the design and construction of the Memorial

Charles N Taylor JR. Buffalo Soldier reenactor
Unveiling Begins
Buffalo Soldier WIlliam Hendersons
Great Great Grand Daughter
Mattie Ward
9th Cav Donnie Brook Chapter
Special Note: The Buffalo Soldiers are buried all over Concordia Cemetery. We decided it was best to put Memorial markers in one place so that all would be recognized.