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One Club, One Patch, One Mindset
El Paso Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers M/C 
The driving force behind this monument

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Buffalo Soldiers 
Donnie W. Brown Chapter 
9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association 
El Paso, Texas
Don't miss the other great team members supporting this most distinguished Memorial listed below:
US Army 
Painting by Artist Bob Snead who's work has hung in the Texas Governors office, as well as, the White House
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 West Texas Community Supervision and Corrections Department
For coordination, contributing to the design and construction of the 
Buffalo Soldier Memorial.
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31st Combat Support Hospital, Ft. Bliss.
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Men & Women of the 
31st CSH!!!!!!!!!!!
Individual Volunteers 

Refugio & Tencha Ceballos
(Concordia Heritage Association members)

" Lady Sunshine"- Sheryl Rene Mack

Lt. Col. Gary Cook - Ft. Bliss

Gilbert Amparan along with 
Lucky & Pebbles 

Many thanks to the El Paso County Historical Commission for their 

guidance and assistance in meeting the 

Texas State Historical Cemetery Guidelines and regulations.
Concordia Heritage Associations 
President, Patricia Kiddney and the Board
For all the help and guidance and just about anything else they can do to make this Memorial a reality
 El Paso Ground Penatrating Radar LLC
Owners: Jackson Polk and Bob Lambeth
Surveyed the site to assure that the location of the new Buffalo Soldier Memorial was not being bulit over unmarked exisiting graves and to meet requirements of the Texas Historical Commission
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a geophysical technique that collects and records information about the subsurface. It is a technique that has been employed in such fields as engineering, geology, environmental studies, and more recently, archaeology.
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Buffalo Soldier Memorial Conceptual Design 
by Ramon A. Frias Jr 
RAFCAD Co  -  Architecture Drafting Service
7214 Flagstaff Ct  El Paso, Texas 79915
915-203-1540   -  ramonfriasjr@yahoo.com
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Buffalo Soldier Memorial Design by Ramon A. Frias Jr 
Entrance to the Buffalo Soldier Memorial 
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