Want to find a family members grave at Concordia Cemetery? Doing Genealogical Research?

Concordia Cemetery opened in the 1850's and there are over 60,000 people buried here.

You can Check the links below for Partial "Online" Cemetery Records.
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We have records for several thousand people buried here to request grave location click on this link:

Here are links to partial Concordia Cemetery Burial Reccords.
Thanks to Jan Parsons Armstrong (1965) and listed on a wonderful site: 

The Cemeteries of Texas ( Independent Genealogy Resource )

Concordia Cemetery Link

Concordia Heritage Association is looking for help with getting the existing Burial Records digitized. So that once they are digitized we can put it on our website. 
But in the meantime if you do not find your family on the these links send us
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Grave Location 
Sign InView Entries
Courtesy of the Genealogical Web Page Of Jan Parsons Armstrong
Walked and copied by Jan Parsons Armstrong in 1965.
There are approximately 450 inscriptions there and there are thousands more out there still to be copied.  
Concordia has many private sections, Jewish, Chinese, Catholic, Masonic, Odd Fellows,and more. 
I have put these in alpha order for the convenience of the searcher, but in doing so, in order not to lose family ties 
and important data. I have added side notes. If you have a missing ancestor who "wentwest" or "went to the Texies", then take a look here...these people were from everywhere.  They came here looking for opportunities, land, blue skies and open spaces.  Many also came for their health...El Paso had several TB Sanitoriums which were famous. And many just came for their own personal, private reasons! If you have questions, comments, or want to add information, Please email me!
Do Not Use This Material For Monetary Profit or Gain.
Jan Parsons Armstrong August 12, 2000

Links to more partial names in "Click on" the section you are interested
Concordia Heritage Associtation is not responsible for the information listed on these sites as these links are from 
"Cemeteres of Texas" website
Catholic Section Masonic Cemetery 
Protestant Cemetery 
Odd Fellows Cemetery 
French Cemetery 
Mount Sinai Cemetery 
Chinese Cemetery 
Black Section & Boot Hill Section Hope to have these very soon!

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