Dia De Los Muertos
Pictures from Dia De Los Muertos
 (Day of the Dead) Festival  
Concordia Cemetery 
Relatives preparing Family Member Grave for Dia de los Muertos
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Welcoming people to Dia de los muertos at Concordia Cemetery
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Friendly skeletons inviting guests to join them for a little ghostly toast!
Skeltons: Vince and Gogi Sanchez
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Gunfighter John Wesely Hardins girlfriend 
"Buelah M'Rose" sharing her stories with guests
Buleah: Patricia Kiddney
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Is this "La Catrina" coming out for the
Festival of the Dead????
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
A ghostly cowboy chatting with the Esqueleto's (skeletons)
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Ay es el Diablo!
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Gunfighter John Wesely Hardins grave
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Buleah and La Catrina warming their old bones by the lantern
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Esqueleto's (skeletons) taking a shot of Spirits?
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick
Looks like everyone has returned to their graves. Good night and see you in 2010!
Photograph by Stacy Kendrick

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Even the Soldiers Stationed at Ft. Bliss get into 
Dia De Los Muertos Whoo-ya!
Photograph by Patricia Kiddney
Looks like Buleah may have some competition with the Lady in Black for John Wesley Hardin's attention!
Photograph by Patricia Kiddney
Buleah has set her web to catch the ghost of 
John Wesley Hardin's
Photograph by Patricia Kiddney
John Wesley Hardin's grave dressed up.
Photograph by Patricia Kiddney
A lovely Couple from England who also are involved with Cemetery Preservation.
I am sorry, I lost your card. We were going to link our websites.
So if anyone knows how to find this nice couple....LET ME KNOW!
Click here to email me: pasonorte@gmail.com 
Aye carumba...even the boots came out for 
Dia de los Muertos! Que Dios nos ayude!!!
Photograph by Patricia Kiddney

Dia de Los Muertos at Concordia Cemetery
Saturday, Nov. 3 @ 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM

 3700 East Yandell Street entrance.
Vendors, Exhibits, Dia de los Muertos style altares.

Tickets are $5 and Children under 6 free
Enter Yandell St. Entrance For more information call:
call 915-581-7920  / 915-591-2326
Concordia Heritage Association is a 501 C 3 Non profit Organization
Funds received go to the Restoration and Preservation of Concordia Cemetery

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